Cozy Summer dinners
Summer is always extra cozy. Around 19h30 it is rendezvous at the pool bar for a cocktail. By 20:00pm we go to the table and we can enjoy the delicious 4-course dinner from chef de cuisine.
In summer dinners are provided, 4 to 5 times a week. Dinner comes at 55 euros per person. Young adults up to 17 years old who want to join the gourmet dinner can do so at an introductory rate of 35 euros.
If you are vegetarian, allergic, or do not like something, please let us know at your reservation. We like to take this into account in the menu choice.

Children's Table d'hôtes
For the kids there is a separate table d'hôtes for children accompanied by an au pair, about 1.5 hours before dinner, at 15 euros per child.

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